Credit Card Debt Consolidation – Is It Truly Effective?

Credit cards have replaced dogs as a person’s best friend. They are easy to get, reliable, flexible, easy to carry what else can I say in their favour? One of the best financial inventions of all times, and certainly the most popular by far. But you know what they say, easy come, easy go. It is a piece of cake to get caught up in the excitement of a shopping spree and overspend. What is uglier than credit card overspending? You got it, credit card debt.

So you are up to your neck deep in debt and you are dying for a way out of it. Two little words took shape in your mind debt consolidation. You conduct a research and it certainly looks promising, this begins to seem like your only choice. But before you take a decision, why not take a look at this article? Here we will discuss whether credit card debt consolidation truly is the answer to your problems. So is it effective? Read on to find out.

The Good

Consolidating your credit card debt can be a wise move if done properly. You will be able to get rid of the high interest rate and replace it with a much better deal. But it has to be performed carefully and only if the final outcome will be beneficial for you, because otherwise you could end up in a worse situation than the one you were originally in. Another good idea is to apply for a consolidation loan. Usually, using the equity on your home to pay off your debt is a the best way to go. Equity loans usually carry very low interest rates and the interest you do pay happens to be deductible. If you have many different credit cards, you will no longer be paying each of their interest rates, but only one, and a lower one at that.

The Bad And The Ugly

Debt consolidation on credit cards is a true help for most. But as with most things, it does have a downside.

Getting a 0% card will obviously be your first choice, but if you have bad credit (I presume that if you are deep in debt, this must be your case), it might be difficult to get approved for one. Be careful when choosing this card, because the promotional rates are just that, promotional, they only last a few months and then shoot up. You would not want to end up with a higher interest rate than the one you previously had, now would you? These things should be carefully taken into consideration. Being a responsible payer is very important when it comes to credit card debt consolidation and the new chosen lower rates, as payments needs to be carried out timely each month, otherwise penalty fees will apply, and they tend to be very pricy.

If you decide that consolidating your credit card debt is the right way to go, always choose a reputable agency. It is a good idea to explore the online world as you will be able to perform comparisons easily. Take your time to research each of agency carefully. Never let cheap advertisement temp you as what seems too good to be true usually is.


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